Working Mom’s ‘It’s OK’ Credo Is the Permission We Need to Give Ourselves Grace

Every parent needs to see this.

This mom’s LinkedIn post is the reminder we all need to be gentle with ourselves.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has stretched working moms thinner than we ever thought possible. We have more chores at home and many of us are assisting with virtual learning while working. We are busy. Luckily, one mom took to LinkedIn with the reminder we need to cut ourselves–and each other–some slack.

Sherri Carpineto, a Boston-based mom and director at AposHealth, a healthcare company, understands the pressure working parents are under these days. In her inspiring post, she tells parents that no matter what decisions you make for your family during these chaotic times: “It’s OK.”

If you don’t love your job, but it supports your family.

If you stay in a job because it’s flexible.

You accept a job where the pay isn’t ideal, but you need to get back to work.

Sometimes home life affects work life; we can’t separate ourselves.

You leave a job after a short time; the fit isn’t right, you get a dream job or a great offer.

You choose to stay at a job for 20 years.

You take time off in your career to raise your family.

You work late some nights, missing family events.

You leave work early to catch your kid’s game.

You take time to work on your passions.

You take time to workout.

You take the day off job searching.

In a time where moms are leaving the workforce in jaw-dropping numbers–140,000 women in December alone–her words couldn’t ring more true. Moms across the country are making incredibly difficult decisions for their own sake and the sake of their children. With schools closed and women shouldering the bulk of homeschooling, there truly are no good options right now for working parents.

So, heed Sherri’s reminder that it’s OK. Career breaks don’t define you, and nothing is more important than your sanity.

These are our choices. This is your life. There’s so much pressure from society to do what’s right, to move up, to hustle.

Women, especially working moms, are often riddled with guilt about what the right choice is.

Go forward with confidence in your choices.

Go forward knowing you’re doing what’s best for you and your family.

Go forward knowing that nothing is permanent & even if you make the wrong choice, it’s OK.

We know it’ll take a little more work to drop your guilt, but know that whatever decision you make is the right decision. The kids will be alright, and so will your career. These times are unprecedented, and if your employer simply won’t give you the flexibility you need right now, it’s OK to prioritize your family.

You’ve made it this far, Mama, you’re clearly doing something right. We can’t do it all, and it’s time you give yourself a little grace.


Every parent needs to see this.

This mom’s LinkedIn post is the reminder we all need to be gentle with ourselves.

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