Mom Tired of ‘Coronacation’ Promises Teachers Everything on School Supply List in Hilarious Letter

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Educators are precious and should never be taken for granted.

She is willing to go to great lengths to make teachers feel like the rock stars they truly are.

Parents forced to homeschool during the coronavirus pandemic are gaining a deeper appreciation for teachers.

But gratitude can only do so much. That’s why a Maryland mom is vowing to go the extra mile to ensure their happiness once schools reopen.

In a now-viral letter posted to Facebook, writer Candy Bauer promised to give teachers everything on their school supply list for next year–even if it’s 10 pages long and weirdly specific. The mom has five kids–four boys and one girl–ranging in age from 9 to 25, and had been frustrated homeschooling her two youngest.

“I’ll get you whatever you ask for. You want eight-dozen pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils? They’re yours. You want 27 single-subject notebooks with real dragon-skin covers? I gotchu, boo. Fifty bottles of hand sanitizer? Seems reasonable. A baby unicorn? I’ll make it happen.”

Even their meals will be covered; the committed mom wrote that she would hire them a personal chef. As for the shoulder pain they might experience while grading papers? There will be a masseuse too, if needed. “Because I can make that happen for you, my Queen,” she assured.

Why? Because as many moms and dads have been realizing, homeschooling is no walk in the park. “Ya’ll, these kids are rotten. Mine. Yours. Karen’s. All of them nerve-wracking little monsters, and these sweet Angels that God saw fit to send us to educate our children are freaking ROCK STARS…” Candy wrote.

The mom then acknowledged a sad truth: Teachers don’t get enough credit or money for the amazing work they do–and that desperately needs to change. They “should all be driving Bentleys. Or better yet, a Rolls Royce with a personal driver. They should all be living in 5000 square-foot mansions with in-ground heated pools,” she argued.

Ending her letter, she thanked teachers and hoped she could get their help soon. “I know that I gave birth to them, but I’m gonna need you to come and get your kids before I lose my ever-loving mind,” Candy pleaded. She fittingly and hilariously signed off as “A Mama Who Has Had Enough of Coronacation and Trying to Homeschool These Heathens.”

Since sharing her post on March 26, versions have been circulating on Facebook, racking up thousands of likes.

In messages to Working Mother, Candy revealed she had no idea her spot-on letter would be such a hit. “Like many parents, I have been thrust into the job of homeschooling when the COVID pandemic hit and forced school closures around the country. I am not a teacher! I wrote the post after trying to figure out fourth-grade math and after I had consumed nearly an entire bottle of wine!” she admitted.

While she considers herself an educated woman, she felt that she was not “remotely prepared” for teaching her kids at home, hence the post. “I wanted to show my teacher friends some love, and remind everyone that when this is all over, and we can send our children back to real school, we need to remember what we went through and remind our children’s teachers every single day that they are our saviors, and that they deserve way more credit than they have ever been given!!” she wrote.


Educators are precious and should never be taken for granted.

She is willing to go to great lengths to make teachers feel like the rock stars they truly are.

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